How "How to find Soul Mate" course will transform your life?

Future of Love & Yoga

Humans deserve natural expression of love energy when their puberty age arrives as birds and animals express it in natural environment without any judgment and we don't find any perversion, pedophilia, bloody violence against females by males also in nature as you find it in human world.

In civilized world, when it is time for love, humans are not trained to communicate or behave naturally, honestly, respectfully & spiritually with another partner because they are conditioned by society or parents "This is not time now for such things. You will find a loyal, rich, attractive, educated person in the future who will fulfill your all dreams". They are trained to believe in the future for enjoyment instead of in the present. So unfulfilled natural physical desire for 10 to 20 years continues to gather other many expectations or some perversions. Therefore, even if such people meet the best person also later in life, it may still not work because of lack of experience, from proper age which had made their love energy stuck. More than 50% divorces, love or sex less marriages, domestic violence, legal proceedings even in love marriages (We should not forget that these were not arranged, forced or child marriages. So people even can't complain that marriage was imposed upon them) prove that even modern advanced education did not help humans very much to understand love or life properly.

Ancient wisdom on love is needed today in the world which is brought forth by Acharya Aman through this course which will bring more understanding, respect, non-judgment, love & spirituality among men & women.

According to a special branch of Yoga, majority of the people can't sit in meditation or get enlightened because of their disturbed love/sex energy ( first natural expression of humanity). And this energy starts influencing the confidence, communication, success in other areas of life also.

Many types of people exist on this planet and their needs are modern & different. This special course will help you understand your own self in the universe and the chances of each individual are multiplied to get whatever he/she needs in love without any fear or guilt such as

  • Unconditional love or
  • Husband/wife or
  • Make existing relationship better or
  • Enough wisdom to teach to your future generations or
  • Realizing soul-mate within yourself by love energy to reach the stage of awakening. No matter how many lovers or beloveds you lose outside ( because finally we lose all lovers, belongings in life) , you won't lose supreme peace, once you know the real wisdom. Siddhartha (Buddha) and many other yogis found this transcendental stage in meditation.

This course gives you useful tips for modern love life and it makes you realize also that you are a pure universal consciousness.

What more you will learn


Before you look out what you want in others, we need to look within, what we have. Meditation is a technique to look within to find out yourself and unconditional yourself. People with regular meditation develop their confidence, communication and compassion which is prerequisite to flow naturally with other human beings.

You will also learn that how ancient yogis developed the consciousness even from love. Each human is born with that inherent potential.

Ancient masters have recommended Mantra (a prayer to attract whatever you want, awakening or love). You will learn that mantra also in the course.

Yoga Asana & Pranayama
Majority of the people become busy in certain work for whole life that their body or muscles become stuck in certain positions. Some become overweight. Ancient yoga & pranayama exercises by Acharya Aman help to flow body in all directions so their physical and mental blocks start becoming opening which helps their overall wellbeing in love, life and health. Body loses its extra weight. People are naturally & biologically programmed to be attracted towards those who are slimmer, considering it sign of good immune system.

Indian Astrology Horoscope Matching
After this course, you will be able to match your horoscope with anyone, you like.

Why horoscope matching was popular in ancient Indian culture?

According to ancient wisdom of Jyotish (Indian Astrology), humans take birth on this planet into some certain families because of certain past Karma connections and continue to meet lovers/partners also to clear the debt and credit of their Karma. Some give us positive experience, some give opposite. Ancient masters realized in meditation that certain kinds of people born under certain position of stars and certain kinds of people can be good to make relationships based on that mathematical harmony of stars, in which they are born. They recommended a technique called Kundali-Milan (Horoscope-Matchmaking) to find out that people born under certain position of stars which can be better match to try for relationship.

If you like some person, but horoscope does not match properly, ancient masters have recommended some remedies (prayers etc) also, before getting married.

If horoscope matches, you should still feel free to take any decision. This part is taught to introduce you ancient method of match making. You are free to use it in anyway.

Wisdom of Lucky-stones
You will be able to know by looking at your own horoscope or others, what lucky stone is recommended by Indian astrology to attract luck or love.

Course Date, Time & Place

Normally held Saturday or Sunday. Please provide us your contact information, to receive updated information about next course.
10 to 6 Pm (Lunch and tea breaks also included)
Natural place near UBC beaches, Stanley park etc.

Things you need to bring
Yoga mat, water bottle
Pen, notebook
Come with comfortable cloths to stretch.
If possible, bring ipad or laptop with internet connection but not mandatory.

Course Material/Manual

You will get course material written and composed by Acharya Aman.

A Certificate
You will get a certificate after finishing the course.

Repeat free
You can repeat this course free.


The tips, contents and manual of this ancient wisdom are confidential. There is a contract between teacher and student to keep the manual for personal use only. But those students who want to use this wisdom professionally also, can work with YOGAJYOTI as a teacher/counselor, freelancer or full time, if they wish to. They will be paid for it also from 30 % to 50% share, depending upon result, wisdom, dedication & integrity of the student.

And they can get extra training of ancient Indian wisdom of yoga, meditation also to be an advanced teacher. YOGAJYOTI teachers may play a vital role on the planet to create a beautiful future of spirituality for future generations.

Course Requirements
1. Be in good physical health
2. Must be 19 years of age or older and be able to provide a copy of Government issued photo identification with your date of birth.
3. Have knowledge of English language

Payment ( Decide by Yourself). How to decide?
If you can't pay back in anyway, thanks for joining our course. we give you best wishes in life to use this wisdom.
Those who have time or another talent, are welcome with some kind of Karma Yoga (volunteerism)
Those who have regular jobs or financial well being, they may consider following points before paying,
What are their priorities in life ?
How much they pay for other things like shoes, cloths, bags, accessories ?

Although materialistic things are growing on the planet but peace, happiness or satisfaction is declining. Does it not mean that we humans ourselves are responsible to promote materialism and respect for wisdom, spirituality or love on this planet, started declining finally?

How many millions are suffering in love or life today ? How this wisdom will reach them?

We don't live on this planet forever. Our Karma is with us.

Your donation can help to create new culture of love & ancient wisdom on the planet.

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