Is Yoga a religion?

No. You are free to believe and follow any path. Some people believe that Yoga is part of Hinduism. Hinduism and India, both words originated from "Indus" (originally the name came from the "Sindhu" river and people living on the other side of the Sindhu river were called Indus (Hindus). So this name was not given to Hindus by themselves. They were a valley civilization where thousands of types of wisdom, philosophies, and ideas continued to flourish since time immemorial. Even atheists (charwaks etc) were there in this time. All types of ideas were openly discussed and accepted or rejected.

In religion, you have to believe everything without raising any questions, in philosophy everything is open to doubt, discussion, questions and self enquiry. Yoga is an Indian philosophy. Another hand, sometimes people who think they are totally free from any religion are subconsciously actually a member of a religion, perhaps even the religion of "materialism", where money is treated like God. Stress, loneliness, and mental and physical health issues are continuing to grow in the civilized world with the current belief systems and religious doctrines in place.

I am not flexible or I am overweight?

Yoga includes less than 10% physical aspects. You don't need to have a very flexible body to join this course. All Yoga practitioners are welcome. Beginners are welcome to join the course and only need to listen to the teacher's instructions carefully as well as to learn to understand your own body capacity. Yoga class is not a competition ground where someone may fail because of not doing a pose. No one ever fails in Yoga. Some people with less flexible bodies can be very good meditation teachers or counselors.

Is Acharya Aman a Guru?

You are free to call the Aman by his first name "Aman". He is not offended. Literally, the Sanskrit word Guru, means 'who takes us from darkness of ignorance to the light of wisdom'.

Why do we hear in yoga, a culture exists to respect Guru so much?

In the west, it can be considered a strange idea. Let us see an example. You must have seen or experienced that people are educated today and that they also know that they have to take care of their own health, yet still if someone is not there regularly to inspire them, many don't think about their health regularly nor take responsibility for it, although it is for their own personal benefit. Therefore, we can see even many educated people with health issues today. Only with regular inspiration from some living teacher do people start working on something practically and regularly. Even books in libraries, without a teacher, also don't necessarily help much. Yoga and Spirituality is a far deeper subject. Its call for inspiration from a teacher. Humans have smarts in a certain subject, but not in every subject. We need a person to inspire us in each field if we wish to grow and become masterful in that subject.

In ancient time, there was no official contract between a student and a teacher to respect a Guru. It was a gratitude which people dedicated to yoga and spiritual teachers when their life was changed by that teacher's teachings. If in modern era, relationships are not very good ( even though adult people chose them by themselves first ), it means world is forgetting about the gratitude. Acharya Aman promises to awaken your inner Guru. When your future students give you of their gratitude and respect then you will begin to understand this particular exchange of gratitude.

How is Acharya Aman able to know my issues and how to help me when he was born in another culture?

Humans grow when they come out of their comfort zone. Often success and new ideas exist in that place where you have not been searching for it. If it was true that each educated person was going to be equally happy or equally successful then only a very few would go out of their fear zone to try something new and good.

The Ancient wisdom of Yoga is from the east, much of the wisdom from the east is now proven scientifically to solve many issues in the west. Aman has brought more wisdom from the east which can help to solve many modern age mental, spiritual, and love issues.

Acharya Aman's experiences in Japan have brought him realize that even after going through many ups and downs in history, Japan developed a culture of health, cleanliness, safety, technology, honesty, time values, and humbleness of which so many developed countries are still struggling to reach. Acharya Aman brings the beauty of these many good experiences from around the world into his teachings.

The world is becoming one and people who are attaining a wider outlook will grow more. So, learn the good, no matter where it comes from. Life is very short. The biggest risk with life is not to try something new, good, and different.

Why love and money is normally condemned in Yoga/spiritual world but Aman teaches about it?

According to ancient Vedic culture (from where Yoga is coming), there are four purus-arthas(Purposes) of human life, Dharma (Duty and responsibility), Artha (Finance), Kaama (sex, desires) and Moksha (Awakening). Majority of the humans need them, to have happy life in this universe and become awakened finally.

That was the real message of ancient wisdom which offered a complete path.

Therefore, in ancient India, not only on Moksha but books like Arth-shastra (book on finance) and Kaama-sutra (book on sex) were also written. But later because of many ups and downs in history and many invasions, culture was influenced. Artha and Kaama became a taboo subject in spirituality and India itself has gone through a hard time by ignoring Her authentic wisdom of yoga.

Sometimes some religious teachers also, who condemn sex or money in the public or keep silence on it (to get more following by trying to prove moral/good in the eyes of majority of the people where society has been addicted to certain ideology already), sometimes have been found secretly associated with them later.Therefore, sometimes, in religious people also, many social issues continue to become more intense, instead of any positive transformation.

Normal people with basic unsatisfied desires (sex or money) can't concentrate or can't reach Moksha (awakening) easily and they carry the deep trauma or unfulfilled subtle desires within their Chakras to next lives. Aman inspires his students to understand and respect four purusarthas and enjoy life with abundance and without any guilt.

Which is more ethical, paid Yoga or always free Yoga in west?

Some people in west think that Yoga is free in India (where it started) so it should be free in west also, that seems more ethical.

Let us go to background. In India, there is thousands of years old culture to give donation to teacher or Guru. Sometimes donation is bigger than normal fee what teachers get from students in west. Sometimes teachers/gurus are offered free lands to run the organizations. And population is about 1.25 billion. 25% population is very rich. Many people help volunteer work also by giving their important time. Even if very few people like to donate much, system of FREE works very well. And, teacher mainly can concentrate just on Yoga, so it continues to flourish. So when you look deeply, in this free system also, each one actually pays for learning spirituality, by money or by offering time. Time is also kind of money. Because time is the most greatest asset what humans have. Whatever you want to do, you have to do while you have time. Because billions of dollars can't buy even an extra minute for life.

In west, many yoga teachers are also expected to teach Yoga free. But even they are good at heart and want to help people, but still it does not work very effectively. Because in strong capitalism, although people can't give lands free or big time free to teachers because students themselves need to be busy to make money. So, to live in the west (especially in big cities), many yoga teachers, studied from majority of the studios have to join full time 5 to 6 days a week some other bread winning jobs. Therefore, this system in west does not offer freedom to majority of the teachers. And, teachers also don't have enough time to learn the depth of Yoga. Without understanding the depth of Yoga, how the teacher will inspire others into the higher dimensions of Yoga or reach the ultimate realization himself or herself which is the main purpose of Yoga?

Therefore, teaching paid Yoga in west is actually more good Karma because it may help humanity more.

So Acharya Aman brings revolutionary spiritual system to west which gives opportunity to learn ancient wisdom FREE to deserving candidates only and it provides the platform to grow its teachers financially also to face the capitalistic world.

Do you know some deserving candidate? Share the page. It can transform someone's life.

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How can I get Insurance as a Yoga teacher?

There is a fear among new yoga aspirants that if they don''t get a Yoga certification from this or that organization, they will not be eligible to get insurance for their yoga teaching or they can''t attain cheap insurance. YOGAJYOTI teachers may also be eligible to get their good price insurance. Contact YOGAJYOTI for any questions on this matter.

But main thing is that what we will do with cheap insurance, if we don't have students to teach. And, before that, we have to make sure that we have learned authentic Yoga for own peace and growth. Because yoga should be first for own consciousness.

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