Love Consultation

(Based on Ancient Yoga wisdom)
With Acharya Aman

#Intimacy is a taboo subject today. People are not comfortable when seeking counsel or help in regards to it. Love has turned into the biggest complex issue; it can either make or break people. Therefore, to save one's physical, mental, spiritual and financial well being, people can seek love and relationship consultation. Several reasons are listed below:

1) Science has proven that guilt-free intimate relationships can heal many mental and physical health issues in people. Please refer to the articles below:

2) The majority of people dream of finding the "perfect" life partner; one who is attractive, loyal, successful and intelligent. People subconsciously know that it is difficult to find all these qualities in one person, yet they continue to set these filters.

3) Each person has their own set of values and everyone is trying to find a partner that satisfies those values. Without any interference, people have the instinct to naturally and biologically enter into a world of intimacy and love, but why are people unable to satisfy these natural instincts today? This is partially due to the high expectations from society and a lack of parental and scholastic guidance. IE: Schools barely teach safe and non-judgmental methods to express love; this leads students to develop mental or physical blocks that prevent them from positive love experiences or any experiences at all. Unfortunately, these and other perversions continue to increase in modern society.

4) Gender equality states that all genders are 100% equal, although the actions of certain genders in regards to love are judged differently in society. IE: This is also a reason why the majority of women do not pursue men, but instead they await proposals from men and vice-versa. This type of thinking can sometimes lead people to wait a long time for the perfect partner.

5) People are intimidated by the level of education or experience their future potential partner may have, preventing the initiation of these relationships.

6) The fear of potential harassment and respective accusations also prevent the fruition of relationships. This is further encouraging the reduction of communication and trust amongst people.

7) Big companies have understood the state of today's relationships and overall human behavior via marketing research. Some companies are filling in this relationship gap by promoting and selling advanced adult toys and dolls to fulfill basic human desires.

8) The evolution of partnering has also drastically changed over time due to evolving relationship values. There was a time when parents chose life partners for their children; this was considered a true and ethical monogamous relationship. This evolved to people being free to date many people prior to partnering up; this promoted independent and uninfluenced choice and then considered a true and ethical monogamous relationship. Both scenarios continue to result in court cases and divorces. The former evolved to live-in- relationships and internet dating. Albeit this evolution, relationships continue to suffer. What will work in the future? Humanity is waiting for a new culture of love where there is no space for misunderstanding or violence.

9) Some people are sheltered and do not experience physical, mental and spiritual love until a much later age, while some people constantly fall into unhealthy relationships.

10) People struggle to get passed unhealthy relationships with themselves and others. People need to learn how to look beyond and overcome these struggles. IE: Siddhartha (Buddha) was fulfilled at a young age; he had a wife, a child and an empire. He let it all go to look beyond the simplicities of status quo to seek a better understanding of these relationships and struggles.

11) In ancient times, a lot of research was conducted on the connection of sex and spirituality. Therefore, literature like Kama Sutra (Physical expression of love), Tantra (Spiritual wisdom on love) and Yoga (Wisdom to Unite with the Universal Consciousness) also came into existence. Humanity should be aware of this wisdom as it also can help love and relationships.

Love and relationship consultation is a means to address these and/or a combination of these reasons. Every person's story is unique as he/ she may experience these reasons to different degrees; he / she should be aware that this consultation exists.

Acharya Aman provides this consultation and the benefits of such consultation are listed below:

Possible Benefits of Consultation

  • Have a deeper understanding of the connection between love and spirituality.
  • Learn how to better communicate openly with compassion and an understanding of love.
  • Learn how to consciously and proactively express love in order to lessen the exposure to bitterness, violence and anger.
  • Grow beyond traumatic memories of love.
  • Grow beyond guilt that influences your physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • Understand that no person can make us sad or happy; this is in our control.
  • Learn how to better seek out a partner and develop the ability to love someone without attachment.
  • Fundamentally make meditation & spirituality an inseparable part of your life.

The Love and Relationship consultation with Acharya Aman is confidential and non- judgmental.
The session can be held face-to-face in the (Greater Vancouver Area) or via phone or Skype.
You can also join Acharya Aman's Yoga and Meditation Teacher training course which details ancient wisdom on love. This course is structured to help you and help you help others.
Take advantage of this moment to enroll in Acharya Aman's consultations and/or courses.

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