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Jyotish =Vedic astrology (with roots from ancient scriptures Vedas) is one the oldest astrological system. Interested to look into the destiny, love, work and know remedies according to Indian astrology.
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Match-making by Vedic Astrology

As we know that even in love marriages, of which people decided by themselves, 50% divorces, loveless marriages, domestic violence, or legal proceedings prove that we should not over confidently believe that we know very well what is best for our life. So why not try ancient horoscope matching with Vedic astrology, as ancient people used to do.

According to Vedic astrology, humans are born in a specific place with a set family because of a destiny from the precise position of stars in the universe. Humans continue to meet other people, lovers, and beloveds on this planet during the journey of their life, each with whom they have a certain Karmic connection from past lives. Our good or bad relationships may be to balance the debts or credits of our past relationships or past karma.

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Remedies from Vedic Astrology


Fire ceremony with chanting of certain Mantras for hundreds of thousands times or millions of times is performed to achieve some certain result from the universe or to purify the Karma. Yagya is done with prayer to universe, natural phenomenon or planets.

Fire is considered holy in Yagya.

Fire element is also considered the spiritual element out of five elements because it helps to connect humans from visible ( material) to invisible ( spiritual) world.

  • Earth (Visible element)

  • Water (Visible element)

  • Fir (Visible and invisible element)

  • Air (Invisible Element)

  • Space (invisible Element)

Traditionally, Yagya is performed by a group of certain priests in temples of India. If you like to try Yagya, it can be performed for you in India with team of expert priests and you can see it anywhere LIVE also. It requires your photo.

As people have been trying prayer for many purposes, similarly in ancient time people used to do Yagya even to inspire their consciousness towards Moksha ( awakening) also.

Lucky Gemstone

Many people like jewelry. If you like jewelry, then why not wear your own lucky stone as recommended by ancient wisdom of Jyotish (Vedic astrology). Each person has own lucky stone to wear according to his or her horoscope from Indian astrology.

Seven colors of rainbow, seven main planets, seven days of week, seven Chakras (and their colors) in human body and seven main Gemstones are connected with each other, according to Jyotish.

Find out what is your lucky stone .

Lucky stones, in ring or pendants will be available with certificates from laboratories from Canada.

Lucky stones from YOGAJYOTI are purified with Mantras also. Such stones vibrate with more good energy to wear.

To know connection between Jyotish and Yoga, you can read Acharya Aman's book To know connection between Jyotish and Yoga, you can read Acharya Aman's book "How to become the Master of Destinyˇ¨