If we can’t become science or music professor with few hundred hours training, then how someone can be Yoga teacher ( which is more profound subject) in few hundred hours ? The result is that after spending money also, more than 80% Yoga teachers (if they can't open Yoga studio in the centre of city) don’t have full time or even part time job today in Yoga.So first step is that try to learn authentic Yoga. Because by that , at least, our own soul gets real wisdom and peace.

If you continue to get 50% equal what you invest in authentic ancient Yoga wisdom, you will help yourself more and you help more people by that. Invest carefully. YOGAJYOTI Partnership & training brings that all.

YOGAJYOTI partnership- A path to peace, freedom & success

Normally people invest hundreds of thousands of dollars & hours in modern education to get a job or in work/business to be happy and free in the future. Many of them find themselves later in certain jobs, unchangeable life style or certain place, which does not allow any time to learn anything extra , maintain healthy lifestyle or even look within. Therefore, we find many issues related with body, mind, soul and love, even in the modern, educated & developed world are growing day by day. World Health Organization(WHO) has already warned the diseases of modern civilizations such as; stress, diabetes, heart disease, obesity which are growing day by day.

Many surveys have proved that majority of the people urgently need to turn to ancient authentic wisdom like meditation, Yoga to solve such many physical and mental issues.

What is the best path for future?

The world needs many authentic Yoga/meditation teachers for tomorrow, who have profound background of Yoga. Although there are many who want to take Yoga/spirituality as full time work in modern, stressful work environment but for financial part, they need to be busy in other jobs, so they can't improve their own Yoga. In this way, neither they help their own life by yoga, nor do they help others. Their dreams remained just dreams.

As yoga came to the west, many intelligent people, who wanted to enjoy a healthy life and try to avoid the hectic 9 to 5 corporate work culture, wanted to learn yoga or even become yoga teachers. It was normally for just physical aspect. It did not solve many mental, spiritual, love issues of modern humanity which only authentic Yoga can do and it also did not bring financial freedom to many Yoga teachers. In a capitalistic Yoga market, very few Yoga institutes survived, normal yoga teachers had to struggle. There were some who opened Yoga studios by a thought that it will give them enough time, freedom and they can manage financial balance. This expensive and time consuming concept was not suitable for all yoga teachers. Many Yoga studios started to go out of business or were sold after a few years.

Why Aman's path is the future of Yoga/spirituality in west?

Until now, spiritual people have only had a choice either to join 9 to 5 work or try a big risk of opening a studio to have financial balanced life. Before you know your expenses & benefits to join YOGAJYOTI LTD and how gives you all kinds of freedom, let us have a glimpse at what people pay in normal Yoga studio/franchise expenses (data based from online information).

Normal Yoga studio/Franchise Expenses

Yoga franchise fee 20,000 to 40,000 (Normally 5 years)
Monthly studio Rent 3000 to 15000 (Continuous)
Yoga studio start up fee 150,000 to 450,000  
Staff expenses 10,000 onwards (Continuous)
Royalty (Each month) 300 to 1500 (Continuous)
Birds have freedom, you tied with the same place (Continuous)

1)YOGAJYOTI Partnership Agreement Fee (information available on inquiry only)

This life transformative partnership system costs you far far less than what normally people spend on studio/franchise etc and you pay once only. This partnership system will save the teachers from a long life struggle to live. No studio start up fee, no regular monthly rent, no franchise fee, no staff expenses, no royalty fee. Installments are possible.

See Karma Yoga offer also

2) Ancient Wisdom Partner Training Course ( No fee)

YOGAJYOTI Partners will learn the authentic wisdom of Yoga from Aman in one month (each Sat and Sun, 10 to 6 pm, 8 days) as Aman brings it from his birth land of India where Yoga was originated. Aman has Master in Sanskrit language with major subject Indian philosophy (Yoga is one of the many systems of Indian philosophy and all scriptures of Yoga are written in Sanskrit language), traditional experience and world exposure also. Aman's qualification is recognized by Canada government and he was offered permanent immigration based on his authentic main Yoga qualification and as an author in multiple languages. The evidence of Aman's credentials is with BCIT, Canada also.

Normally teaching of all the gurus or organizations is somehow more or less based upon these ancient scriptures. Aman likes to introduce that authentic wisdom directly to his students, to make a strong foundation. You will get certificate from YOGAJYOTI LTD (legally established and recognized company, in Canada). YOGAJYOTI LTD is fully licensed to teach teacher training certificate courses and make legal partnerships.

Don't live near Vancouver, Canada? Contact YOGAJYOTI for another easy plan to do the course in 8 days and continue learning online and join retreats for free time to time.

3) You become partner of 50%

You don't need to go to studios to search for jobs after finishing the course. Until you collect courage to teach or get students, you have still learning opportunities while assisting YOGAJYOTI in practical and professional environment. And, you will be taught to meet new students. You can teach meditation, yoga classes or do Vedic astrology consultation to private or group independently or with YOGAJYOTI, part time or full time. And, whenever next students join YOGAJYOTI course partnership, by your inspiration, communication and introduction, you share the success 50%. Which expenses normally go to studio rents or advertisements in Yoga industry, Aman likes to share among his teachers team. Teachers will concentrate more to develop themselves instead of thinking how to run studio and can help humanity more.

4) Unlimited Learning

Unlimited approach to many Yoga scriptures which are still unknown to west. Also, YOGAJYOTI partners can sit in next courses any time, all free. Partners are entitled to attend future courses taught outside Canada on a retreat or workshop format in the future, for no fee. Travel and other expenses not included. Experienced and confident teachers may also be given chance to teach certain part/s of next YOGAJYOTI teacher training courses.

5) Freedom (Be your own boss)

Humans naturally were not created to work indoor whole day. Therefore, physical and mental health issues are growing. Our whole civilization is full of such people so many are your potential students and they are everywhere. Future issues will be related with body, mind, soul or love. You can teach in customized way as you have got all the keys in through authentic Yoga wisdom. You continue to work from anywhere, you still remain partner.

6) A contract

A contract between you and YOGAJYOTI LTD to protect the rights of both to run the work efficiently into the future.

7) Privacy

Your privacy is respected at all stages with YOGAJYOTI. Your all communication or correspondence with YOGAJYOTI is confidential.

Before taking decision for partnership

meet Aman or experience a donation based retreat workshop/class

"How to find soul mate"

(Based on ancient wisdom of Yoga, meditation, Indian astrology, love)

Ancient wisdom has gifted important wisdom on love also with Yoga. So understand Yoga and love both at the same time. And you will also know in this course how YOGAJYOTI partnership is best and unique in Yoga industry.

Class is open even with a small group of people. Send email or text to know the next class or workshop info@yogajyoti.com. Class time, content can be changed anytime. More info here http://yogajyoti.com/english/soul_mate.php#

Acharya Aman brings ancient authentic Yoga wisdom to west

The West is now awakening to the truth of Yoga. People have understood that if Yoga is just only to lose weight, there are other easy options to lose weight. So, now they are trying to find the meaning of life also with authentic yoga.

All the authentic yoga scriptures are based on very ancient scriptures which are written in the Sanskrit language, of which very few people in the west are able to read. (Researchers at NASA realized that the Sanskrit language is the best and most unique language on this planet out of about 6000 languages and is best fit for computer programming. See http://vedicsciences.net/articles/sanskrit-nasa.html )

The first step on your yoga journey to discovering the wisdom of the ancient yogis is to accept an authentic Yoga teacher who has a genuine background with the endless source and treasure of authentic ancient Sanskrit Yoga wisdom so that you may be introduced to the same, in easy language. The confidence and peace of these teachings combined with real Yoga wisdom brings the peace, clarity and such yoga wisdom becomes the solace till the last days of our life.

Born and raised in India and having Yoga wisdom from childhood, Aman possesses a Masters degree in Sanskrit with a major in Indian philosophy (Yoga is an Indian philosophy just like other systems of Indian philosophies such as Vedanta, Sankhya, Nyaya, Buddhism etc). Aman is a Gold medalist in master degree from his homeland of India from Punjab University Chandigarh in 1994. Acharya Aman's students receive the benefit of being able to get connected with this reservoir of ancient wisdom from yoga through their teacher.

Why authenticity is the way to peace & success?

All ancient Yoga masters, like Patanjali (author of the Yoga sutra), Swatmarama (author of Hatha Yoga Pradipika), Krishna (speaker of the Bhagavad-Gita) etc, whose books are studied all over the world in many Yoga schools. These great teachers learned Yoga with their masters or developed their own practice with lifetimes of immersed experience in a good traditional yoga environment, the wisdom flowing down in India since time immemorial. Modern certified teachers and schools also depend on these "uncertified" (from modern Yoga industry perspective) ancient authors or masters. Why? Because of their authenticity and original wisdom. Similarly, there is much more and many more ancient Yoga scriptures which are not even introduced to west yet.

Acharya Aman has logged numerous years experience teaching in many countries around the world to international communities of students. His official teaching began in India, from the world capital of Yoga, Rishikesh, at the Yoga Niketan Ashram on the banks of the Holy Ganges River. Here Aman taught Yoga lovers and Yoga teachers who came from all over the world to learn from him. Having experience to run yoga centre Japan, Aman's first book on Yoga, Vedic astrology and ancient wisdom of love was published there by one of the top publishers in Japan.

Aman realized that there can be more easy, more peaceful and less expensive ways than Yoga studios to teach and spread ancient wisdom.

Acharya Aman has developed a way of teaching to be more useful for global community. With his MBA qualification, he also helps his students to understand and balance the financial aspects of life also, by a Yogic and ethical way which will make their life free anywhere.

He is modern man with possession of ancient wisdom.
Many Yoga teachers from the West dream to go to India to learn from authentic Yoga teachers and then return to teach Yoga here in the West. Why not get benefitted from Aman, if you are near.
A genuine confidence which comes from authenticity gives peace and a boost to any career.

Training course with YOGAJYOTI

Once you are accepted into the partnership of YOGAJYOTI, you will be taken first through 64 hours (Regular Saturday and Sundays, 10 to 6 pm, total 8 days) practical tips and techniques on ancient wisdom of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Vedic Astrology, Mantra, ancient wisdom on love. Easy to understand, tips based manuals, which are based on ancient Indian Yoga wisdom originated in more than 5000 years, are prepared by Acharya Aman, with his practical experience around the world.

And you know how to use this practical wisdom to transform your own life and use it professionally and compassionately, with your future students. According to Aman, each student is unique, each with their own life history and learning style. Each student needs to be treated individually, without any judgment.

And, you will be provided a certificate to prove your partnership with YOGAJYOTI LTD.

After course, continuous learning, working & growing

As we know that to become a science teacher or a music teacher, many years of practice is needed. Yoga wisdom is more deep. In this way YOGAJYOTI brings a unique method to involve all of its students and partners practically into the experience of learning, working, and growing and to earn an income all at the same time. Regular weekly classes can also be offered to partners. So major part of YOGAJYOTI is to awaken your ultimate extrovert personality (to face the external world also with confidence and gratitude when you step out of your home) and introvert personality ( to work on your own consciousness, when you are alone in your personal space. Because to know ourselves is also the main purpose of Yoga wisdom) together. Both are needed for all kinds of success in life. This course covers this all.

Some Yoga lovers and many communities, in the west, have been on the search for a good Yoga and meditation teacher, who can introduce them to authentic Yoga. It is Acharya Aman's dream to spread his teachings of ancient yogic wisdom with the help of a dedicated team of yogis who are committed to self growth and to helping the world to move in a more positive and peaceful direction. As Aman himself can't physically be available at many places, the YOGAJYOTI teacher team is going to fulfill the needs of ancient wisdom lovers.

Time, Date and Place:

Date, place information will be sent to only selected candidates. Most probably , most of the course will be outdoor in nature near Vancouver.
Send us an email to remain updated: info@yogajyoti.com

  • A series of the best Yoga poses (Asana) their sequence, techniques, corrections, timing, and benefits.
  • Pranayama (ancient breathing techniques) to transform your body and mind.
  • Aman Meditation: for mental and spiritual progress.
  • Mantra: Understand the mystery and power of universal sound to uplift your consciousness.
  • Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishads and much more which is not known to western world, to teach you how to live life with abundance.
  • Anatomy- How to do yoga poses carefully by protecting our body also. Surveys also prove that more than 99% people don't get hurt in Yoga.
  • How this wisdom should be used in modern life and how to maintain & sustain life as a Yoga teacher/counselor.

Why YOGAJYOTI includes basic Jyotish with Yoga:
  1. Yoga has a deep connection with Jyotish which the western world is not yet widely aware of. (Read the book "How to Become the Master of Destiny - A Spiritual Journey" by Acharya Aman).
  2. How to read and make your own and others Kundali (horoscope) and do basic Jyotish counseling to help others.
  3. Learn how a person's name can be based on universal calculations to give it a good meaning. Learn why ancient people wore lucky stone's unique to their personal charts and needs. With this deep knowledge you will be able to help friends and clients with your ability and as well as be able to understand and provide them with Jyotish gems especially for what they wish to develop or balance in their lives. All gems come with appraisal from certified Canadian Gem laboratories.
  4. Match making based on Jyotish knowledge.
The purpose of teaching Jyotish is not to make people believe blindly in destiny - It is to teach people to choose their own Karma (thoughts and actions) with more awareness and thus creating a more empowered and conscious way of living in alignment.

In the modern world in which we currently live, we have economic development, advanced education, and freedom (all of which people on earth long and desire for). Through these advancements we have expected that our results in love will also be good but the results don't seem very p ositive. Ancient wisdom on love is more important now to understand the existence of love in the universe and purpose of it and how it is more relevant today and it can help lovers grow in spirituality more, without developing anger, hate or jealousy in love. After having this wisdom, love will help you to uplift your consciousness. Basic cause of all this is here explained. http://yogajyoti.com/english/soul_mate.php#

Partnership Agreement Requirements

  • Be in good physical health
  • Must be 19 years of age or older and be able to provide a copy of Government issued photo identification with your date of birth
  • Prior experience with yoga practices, physical exercises and or spiritual training is preferred
  • Private confidential interview with Acharya Aman or other appointed person
  • Obtain a criminal record check from your local police department
  • Have knowledge of English language

Payment System

Regular payment by Installments

Partners can pay once or they can choose monthly payment plan by installments, without any interest. Whole amount (for partnership fee) with equal installments will be paid, with recurring payment plans. Amount will be paid in the company's official Canadian bank CIBC business account.
Transit number 02000
Bank number 010
Account number 12 38914

(Some of this amount will be paid to that studio or company which has collaborated with YOGAJYOTI to use their premises to run courses by YOGAJYOTI LTD.

Karma Yoga offer

This offer is for those persons who love meditation, yoga and spirituality and want to give almost full time or regular hours of work in it, change own life and help humanity also by being a partner of YOGAJYOTI but don't have any regular/good income or no income. There are two options.

Free Karma Yoga offer:

Based on your situation, you can be accepted into partnership without any fee for partnership with YOGAJYOTI for 10% profit share. Whenever you feel that you can create the result better and deserve also better, you can move to 50% partnership by deciding to pay the full partnership fee and start enjoying 50% results.

(Interested person needs to include a letter that communicates why you like to study ancient wisdom or want partnership with YOGAJYOTI and what is your future plan with it and why you can't make Partnership and training investment now, with evidence. Company or any appointed staff/s reserve the right to take any decision on any application)

Discount Karma Yoga Offer:

This option is for those, who are spiritual, have some regular work but want to take Partnership and teaching work as a part time in the beginning. Such people will pay only 25% part of the full partnership fee and they will be partner of 25%. For example, if some new partner joins YOGAJYOTI under any plan, partner of Discount Karma Yoga Offer will continue to get 25% of it.

Whenever you feel that you want to give more time in it, want to help more people and deserve also better, you can move to 50% partnership by deciding to pay the rest of the partnership fee (75% of full partnership fee) and start enjoying 50% results.

All applications and communication with YOGAJYOTI are kept confidential.

How You ( as a YOGAJYOTI partner) get paid back

Whenever any next person joins YOGAJYOTI partnership by your inspiration and starts paying partnership fee, 50% amount from his or her payment will be paid to your bank account. For example, if the partner, who joined with your inspiration, instead of paying once, pays full amount in 48 month small installments, you will get 50% amount in your bank account in 48 months.

In the case of Karma Yoga partners, Partnership amount will be 10% for full Karma Yoga offer or 25% for Discount Karma Yoga offer.