We know that the present work culture in our civilized world , pushes humans to concentrate just on money. It does not offer enough time to think and work on body, mind, soul and love issues of human life. So, more than 80% people have some kind of issues with health, mind, soul or love and this percentage is growing day by day. Human life is very short. So how to enjoy peaceful life?

Therefore, spirituality, Yoga or meditation was definitely a great hope. Many want to live a spiritually and financially balanced life in our modern busy world. But more than 80% yoga teachers (who paid 3000 to 15,000 for yoga training courses or have traveled to India), did not have any work or well paid work in yoga and instead, are busy with their 9 to 5 jobs, and they did not have time to work on themselves or carry on yoga to help others also. Because studios can’t give jobs to all of their students, because each month or within few months of each city, hundreds or thousands of Yoga teachers are being made. Where all they will go? Opening a yoga studio is understood to be a better hope, but more than 95% yoga teachers will or cannot buy a franchise and open a studio. Because it is much too expensive to set up with big start up fee, monthly rental, staff salary, overheads etc. Sometimes Yoga studios are also closed or sold.

Although demand for Yoga/meditation is going to grow in the future, because body, mind, soul and love issues will grow in volume on the planet, it is great to choose to be Yoga/meditation teacher. But if we don't want to regret our decision, there should be two things to consider before joining any meditation/yoga training.

Authentic and traditional Yoga wisdom

As it takes 2 years for a full time master degree to become a psychologist (and prerequisite is that a person should have a graduation degree also first), but if any adult is allowed to become psychologist in 1 to 2 month’s course in some country and is allowed to teach people, will such teachers help or harm the students? Where will society be in few decades, if yoga teachers are made in such a way?
What about Yoga then?
Yoga is a deep subject and with its origins in the Sanskrit language.
So, first step is learning authentic and traditional Yoga wisdom.

Equal financial treatment

Ancient Vedic wisdom (from where Yoga is flowing), recommends to live a balanced life which has Dharma (your duty on the planet), Artha (exchange or finance), Kama (desires) and Moksha (awakening). If spiritual organizations also need and accept donation to run their works, why not a normal human being in the society?
Therefore, YOGAJYOTI LTD offers both authentic Yoga wisdom and equal financial growth for its students

YOGAJYOTI partnership- A path to peace, freedom & success

Before you know your expenses & benefits to join YOGAJYOTI LTD and how it gives you peace, freedom and success, let us have a glimpse at what people invest normally in Yoga studio/franchise expenses (data based on online information) who dream to have spiritually and materially fulfilled life.

Normal Yoga studio/Franchise Expenses

Some Yoga franchise fee 3000 to 40,000 (Normally 5 years)
Monthly studio Rent 3000 to 15000 (Continuous)
Yoga studio start up fee 150,000 to 450,000  
Staff expenses 10,000 onwards (Continuous)
Royalty (Each month) 300 to 1500 (Continuous)
Yoga was for freedom, but we are tied with the same place   (Continuous)

YOGAJYOTI Partnership & Training Program

1)YOGAJYOTI Partnership & Training Agreement Fee (20,000)

This YOGAJYOTI Partnership & Training fee makes you eligible for equal partnership (read details later) Small installments are possible so that no any yoga lover misses this opportunity.
See other options

2) YOGAJYOTI Partnership & Training Course ( No fee)

Although ancient wisdom training with YOGAJYOTI is always continuous but to run the partnership, there will be first special short training course from Acharya Aman with certain hours ( less than 40 hours, each Sat and Sun, 10 to 5:45 pm, 5 days). Why so small a course? Understanding Canadian laws.
You will get certificate from YOGAJYOTI LTD (legally established and recognized company, in BC, Canada. YOGAJYOTI LTD is fully licensed to teach teacher training certificate courses and make legal partnerships).
Don't live near Vancouver, Canada? Contact YOGAJYOTI for another easy plan to do the course in few days and continue learning online and join retreats for free time to time.

3) You become partner of 50%

You become partner of 50% After you join the partnership with YOGAJYOTI LTD, you don’t even need to open a Yoga studio to become successful. Even if you don’t get any job in studios, still you are going to be successful by teaching Yoga, semi private or private classes, doing basic Vedic Astrology consultation, match making or just by introducing YOGAJYOTI LTD programs only. You will keep all the profits what you make offering these services. And the extra benefit is that whenever your any student or client joins YOGAJYOTI training & partnership, by your inspiration, communication and introduction, 50% financial reward goes to you also. You earn twice

4) Unlimited Learning

YOGAJYOTI partners can sit in next courses, all free. And, unlimited approach to lot of Yoga wisdom and scriptures which are still unknown to west. Free private coaching, homework continuously. Partners are entitled to attend future courses taught outside Canada on a retreat or workshop format in the future, for no fee. Travel and other expenses not included. Experienced and confident teachers may also be given chance to teach certain part/s of next YOGAJYOTI teacher training courses also.

5) Freedom (Be your own boss)

You continue to work from anywhere, you still remain partner. Your students are everywhere because money only could not bring happiness and peace to our developed world. Only authentic and traditional Yoga/spirituality has a hope now.

6) A contract

A contract between you and YOGAJYOTI LTD to protect the rights of both to run the work efficiently into the future.

Time, Date and Place:

Date and location information will be sent to only selected candidates. Most probably, most part of the course now will be outdoors in nature near Vancouver or at Bikram Yoga Studio, 1109 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, depending upon weather and circumstances. Send us an email to remain updated: info@yogajyoti.com

YOGAJYOTI Partnership and Training Curriculum

(The following curriculum is the basic bird view of the YOGAJYOTI curriculum. The complete curriculum will be known only during the YOGAJYOTI training)
  • Background of yoga.
  • A series of the best Yoga poses (Asana) their sequence, techniques, corrections, timing, and benefits. Learning and teaching.
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Hatha yoga
  • Karma Yoga,
  • Bhakti yoga,
  • Gyan Yoga,
  • Japa Yoga & much more.
  • Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali
  • Pranayama
    • What is prana.
    • Understanding Prana Body.
    • Prana , a link between mind and body
    • Best Pranayama techniques
  • AMAN Meditation :
    • Understanding different stages of mind
    • How to make mind more creative and productive
    • How meditation changes your aura
    • Understanding five bodies and transcending them by AMAN Meditation.
    • How to do personal meditation
    • How to put others into guided meditation
  • Yoga Sutra
  • Bhagavad-Gita
  • Upanishads
  • Many Sanskrit ancient scriptures on Yoga, still unknown to west.
  • Moksha, Mukti, Kaivalya, Niravana
  • Yoga Anatomy (Surveys also prove that more than 99% people don't get hurt in Yoga)

  • Yoga and Jyotish connection (Reference book "How to Become the Master of Destiny - A Spiritual Journey" by Acharya Aman).
  • Correlation of Karma and Destiny in horoscope.
  • Creating Kundali (horoscope)
  • Position of planets
  • How planets influence human consciousness and thought- process.
  • How to do basic Kundli reading or consultation.
  • How to find out your lucky name (Based on universal star calculations) based on horoscope.
  • Colors of rainbow and seven planets.
  • How to find out anyone lucky stone ( to balance the colors of Aura) based on horoscope.( Gemstones can be given to your future clients which can be certified from Canadian Gem laboratories )
  • How to find out which person is a good match based on someone’s horoscope. ( Match making)
    (The purpose of teaching Jyotish is not to make people believe blindly in destiny - It is to teach people to choose their own Karma (thoughts and actions) with more awareness and thus creating a more empowered and conscious way of living in alignment)
  • Background of tantra.
  • Why love energy exists in the universe?
  • Why tantra was considered the quickest path for awakening for modern age people.
  • Shiva and Shakti concept
  • Divine masculine and divine feminine (how they can help each other for awakening).
  • Five senses and their relations to awakening.
  • Why human body is a temple.
  • Mystery of Shiv-lingam (Lingam and Yoni) in ancient India.
  • How tantra heals the dysfunction of love energy among humans (especially in women).
  • How balancing love/sex energy grows your confidence, and purifies chakras.
  • How tantra helps to grow gratitude for another gender.
  • When, where, and with whom tantra is good?
  • Why even after so much education in civilized world, love issues still exist? How tantra can help society.
  • How to teach or consult your students or clients.
  • Yoga ethics for teacher
  • How to connect with students
  • How to encourage students for questions.
  • What makes a good Yoga teacher or Jyotish counselor
  • How to run partnership program by understanding the present situation and business of Yoga.

Partnership Agreement Requirements

  • Be in good physical health
  • Must be 19 years of age or older and be able to provide a copy of Government issued photo identification with your date of birth
  • Prior experience with yoga practices, physical exercises and or spiritual training is preferred
  • Interview with Acharya Aman or other appointed person
  • Obtain a criminal record check from your local police department
  • Have knowledge of English language

Partnership Fee

Full Partnership(Fee 20,000)

  • You pay 20,000 and you share the benefits of 50%.

Discount Karma Yoga Offer (Fee 5000)

This option is for those, who have some regular work but want to take Partnership and teaching work as a part time in the beginning. Such people will pay only 25% (5000) part of the full partnership fee and they will be partner also of 25%. It means if some new partner joins YOGAJYOTI under any plan with their inspiration or teaching, such partners will continue to get 25% of it.

Whenever you feel that you want to give more time in it, help more people and deserve also better, you can move to 50% partnership by deciding to pay the rest of the partnership fee (75% of full partnership fee) and start enjoying 50% results also.

Karma Yoga offer (Donation based)

This offer is for those whose dream was to go for spiritual studies or wanted to be meditation Yoga teacher/ Vedic astrologer but don’t have regular or good income to pay full fee but like to help some regular volunteer work after study. They can pay any donation. Only few persons can be accepted in this category and they will be offered partnership of 10% once they complete the course. (Interested person needs to include a letter that communicates why you like to study ancient wisdom, your background, present situation and future plan with it and evidence of no regular or no good income.
(All applications with YOGAJYOTI are kept confidential)

Payment Rules

Payment Once or in Small Installments

Partners can pay once or they can choose monthly payment plan by installments, without any interest. Partnership fee with equal installments will be paid, with recurring payment plans. Amount will be paid in the company's official Canadian CIBC bank business account (or any another accepted way by both parties).

Transit number 02000
Bank number 010
Account number 12 38914
Major credit cards are also accepted

(Some of this amount will be paid to that studio or company which has collaborated with YOGAJYOTI to offer their premises to run training by YOGAJYOTI LTD.)

How You ( as a YOGAJYOTI partner) get paid back

Whenever any next person joins YOGAJYOTI partnership by your inspiration and starts paying partnership fee, 50% amount from his or her payment will be paid to your bank account. If the partner, who joined with your inspiration, pays full amount in 20 month small installments, you will also get 50% amount in your bank account, in 20 months.

Discount Karma Yoga Partners will continue to get 25%.
Karma Yoga partners (accepted with no income) will continue to get 10%.