Canadian Private Training Institute Law

There is a law in BC for any private career related training courses and it is for yoga courses also:

"Private training institutions in British Columbia require a certificate from the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) if they provide, or offer to provide, at least one career-related program with 40 hours or more of instructional time, and tuition of at least $4000."

Although normally such rules are to protect the students. But majority of the Yoga teachers, even after taking their courses/certificates from anywhere with hundreds of hours, today don’t have regular full time Yoga work. So hard fact is that normally about 5% institutes continue to grow, but 80% to 90% normal Yoga teachers continue to struggle and finally leave the Yoga industry, after investing a lot of money.

Another hand, even the Yoga wisdom is so vast, that it can’t be put into 40 hours or even few hundred hours.

And while obtaining this certificate takes extra money, extra time, and most probably, extra staff, which time or money could be invested on Yoga students also.

Some Yoga teachers in Canada have written on this experience also.
Is there a better path for future Yoga teachers, that they respect the local laws, learn ancient authentic wisdom of Yoga more, and succeed more financially also?

YOGAJYOTI Partnership & Training is the Path

It is time to choose better path which YOGAJYOTI LTD offers by its Partnership system. YOGAJYOTI charges fee for partnership to spread ancient wisdom together with its partners and for that it gives official partnership and training certificate course of less than 40 hours. And, you get chance to learn more while working practically with YOGAJYOTI as a partner. And your hours of practical training, seminars, workshops etc. with YOGAJYOTI will surpass any training course hours in yoga industry of the world, step by step. And for each certain training and practical experiences of certain hours, certificates will be provided separately also of certain hours, by YOGAJYOTI LTD.

The majority of the institutes or teachers who offer few hundred-hour courses, go to India also, to learn from those teachers, who did not learn yoga wisdom with fixed number of hours. Yoga was part of their life. If such institutes and teachers also need other authentic teacher, you can also find your authentic source or teacher directly and help the sincere Yoga lovers of the west in future.

Acharya Aman was teaching many Yoga teachers in Yoga Niketan ashram in Rishikesh (the world capital of yoga) India. You can accomplish your Yoga goal by becoming a partner with Acharya Aman.

Let us be partners to serve humanity for a great cause.