How to Become the Master of Destiny
A spiritual Journey

Achary AmanAbout the Book

Have you ever wondered?

1) Why there are only seven days in a week? Why not 8 or 6? Where/ how did this begin?
2) Why there are 12 months in a year?
3) Where did the classical "Hatha" yoga name originate from?

Did you know?

The seven days of the week were dedicated to the seven planets of our solar system and their names were given in Sanskrit on the name of 7 main planets, which is still going on. Later these names moved to other cultures also.

There are 12 zodiac signs the sun crosses during the year. So there were 12 months are decided in a year.

Although energies of seven planets are flowing in our body and universe but as in astrology each person has zodiac signs for each planet but still we consider Sun sign ( as in west) and Moon sign ( as in India) important because these 2 energies influence humans strongly. Similarly, ancient Yogis knew these 7 energies of seven planets in human body but they gave importance to Sun and Moon, so classical yoga was given name Hatha yoga (Ha=Sun and Tha =Moon) because by balancing these two energies, human consciousness can grow from the energies of sun and moon and get enlightened.

Book covers the following contents also..
1) Yoga and Jyotish connection
2) What does mean by Destiny ?
3) Why Human life is NOT 100% Destiny or 100% free- will ?
4) How Destiny is created ?
5) Karma and Destiny
6) Where human Destiny lives in universe?
7) Role of sounds, colors and ideas in our seven Chakras and their relations with seven Planets and Destiny.
8) Karma and Vegetarianism
9) First sound of the universe ( Om and Mantra)
10) Sanskrit language ( sounds) and its relationship with 7 Chakras.
11) Origin of Gemology from Jyotish. Gemstones connection with Colors of planets and Chakras.
12) How to use the power of Meditation for practical life.
13) Tips to improve the Destiny.
14) Moksh (Enlightenment), why does it matter to you ?
15) Tantra and its techniques (Based on ancient Tantra book and its use in modern life)
16) Etc..

(If you are a Yoga teacher or running Yoga TTC, this book of ancient Yoga wisdom is very useful for yourself or for your students.)

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