Invite for Seminar /workshop

Achary AmanWhy you need to arrange Acharya Aman`s Gita-saar and Yoga seminar/workshop in your city/company/institute?

1) Increase your Age.

Any developed nation (like Japan etc) has average life span = 82
An Indian`s average age has declined to = 64.
Because diabetes, obesity, heart attack are growing in India because of wrong food habits, work habits, life style etc. You will change your point of view about food and respect Yoga.

2) Develop Power/Performance of your Mind.

Life is short. Dreams should be fulfilled soon by using the full potential of mind which only very few people know.

How only 11 crore Japanese (Even having tiny island) performed better in work than 120 crore Indians
(Even having big land). What are the secrets? Can Indians be inspired to do such miracle? Yes.

Acharya Aman, a mixture of modern education and traditional education and having many years experience in Japan and world will inspire you to understand the importance of mind power. All these secrets are from Yoga and Gita.

3) Develop your Soul.

Ancient saints had told that human life is not complete without the final purpose of Moksh. Let us learn what God said about the ultimate purpose of life Moksha and what is the easiest and fastest path for that.

There is no pious karma than helping to bring God`s message to people. Because those people who want to see the glimpse of love of God, they should not forget the line from Lord Krishna.

"One who brings this supreme secret (Gita) to the devotees, will perform highest devotional service to me , and at the end, he will come back to Me. There is no devotee in this world more dear to Me than he, nor will there ever be one more dear" (Gita 18.68-69)