To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to offer my support of Acharya Aman for teaching yoga philosophy and meditation.

I was extremely grateful to have Aman teach Yoga Philosophy & Meditation at the 200Hour Meghan Currie Yoga Teacher-Training organized by Exhale Yoga Retreats in January 2016 in Nicaragua!

Aman embodies pure love and light. His passion for sharing his wise wisdom of yoga philosophy kept all the students positively engaged. His open heart and mind inspired all the students to express their experience and ask curious questions that induced exciting discussions. Aman provided the students with an enriched experience of the true essence of yoga.

I highly recommend Acharya Aman to teach yoga. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Rachel Wainwright
Exhale Yoga Retreats Founder

今までスートラとギタの講義は何度も聞きましたが アマンさんの講義から初めてこれらの聖典の意味が分かりました。 その教えはシンプルでわかりやすく,しかも実用的です。ヒンズー経の伝統の中で生まれた方ですがその文化を客観的に分析する力をお持ちです。

"Although I have listened to lectures on Sutra or Bhagvad Gita many times before, the meaning of these scriptures became clear to me for the first time by listening to the lecture of Aman.His teaching is simple, easy to understand and practical. He was born into Hindu tradition yet he has ability to analyze his own culture objectively. "

Kyoko Jasper
Kyoko Jasper Yoga

運命を良い方向に導くためのキーワード , アイデア , 音 , 光。 丁寧に解かれた説明を読み進むうちにとても素直に納得できました。ヨガを練習する者としてとても大きなヒントがこの本にはあると思いました。

" This book is like a key to explain about human destiny in harmony with Light, Sound and Ideas. I am humbly convinced that book is carefully described wisdom and it offers great tips for those who study Yoga."

Michiko Minegishi
Body and Mind Yoga

人と月の関係というのは以前から知っていましたが このコースを学んだ事によって惑星と人、宇宙と人との繋がりを深く感じる事ができました。 自分の誕生した時間の惑星の配置から運命を読み解いていくうちに 自分自身、あるべき時、あるべき場所に存在(配置)しているように思えてきました。

"I have always knew the relation of human and moon but I was able to deeply feel the connection between human and the universe, human and planets by learning this course. While I was carefully reading the destiny from the placement of the planet of the time I was born I came to realize that I seem to exist (or be positioned ) at the right time and right place."

Mutsuko Fukushima
(Yoga Jyoti TTC student)