YOGAJYOTI Ancient Wisdom Teacher Training Course and Partnership Information

Discover how this Ancient Yoga Teacher Training and Partnership opportunity can make you a Certified Yoga Instructor and Life counsellor to transform your own life and the lives of others.

Those living in the modern civilized and ever busy world are experiencing more than ever before total disconnection from their own self and now want to improve their life physically, mentally and spiritually by applying ancient wisdom. It is also great for those who would like to make career as a yoga and meditation teacher and counselor.

The Reality of Becoming a Yoga Instructor in the present Industry

Becoming a full time yoga teacher or spiritual counselor can be a dream job and life changing for many in the modern stressful world. But let us take a look at the reality of the present Yoga industry first. Today, people have started getting all types of yoga certificates everywhere, even online. More than 90% of certified Yoga teachers in the world are finding it difficult to sustain their lifestyle by teaching yoga alone. Many of them work full time in an office or elsewhere in order to survive and as a result have no time or energy left to improve their yoga practice. Due to these time constraints, yogis find it difficult to make time to pass on their knowledge or help others.

Opening a Yoga studio in cities requires a substantial investment, a lot of time and there is risk involved. The mental and emotional peace of many such yogis is lost and gone in the process of opening and running a studio. Just paying money to become a certified teacher in the modern world does not guarantee you a return on your investment back or even guarantee remaining a regular yoga teacher, let alone living a fully peaceful life.

Why Authentic Yoga is the Future of Yoga

The West is now awakening to the wisdom of authentic Yoga. Though many people first come to yoga only for weight loss or exercise, many soon note that they perceive a change in their being and greater sense of wellness while practicing, but how to take that feeling and way of being into the world? Often the experience of yoga ends in the studio for the student. With the teachings and practices of ancient yogic wisdom one is able to infuse this well being into all aspects of their life. There is a huge component missing from the modern yoga asana class and that is the ancient philosophy contained within the system of yoga.

If you have heard that the world is becoming interested in Yoga and there is great scope in Yoga, it is because of its philosophical and spiritual value, not its physical value only. Because each one of us lives on our planet for a short time only, we live, become old and die finally. Yoga is for all of you - your body, mind and soul all together. In the future, there will be more mental issues than physical issues on our planet especially in the civilized world. Authentic yoga teachers are going to be in huge demand as we face this future. Yoga goes far beyond a trendy exercise, the ancient philosophies have the information to help us awaken.

All ancient Yoga masters, like Patanjali (author of the Yoga sutra), Swatmarama (author of Hatha Yoga Pradipika), Krishna (speaker of the Bhagavad-Gita ) etc, whose books are studied all over the world in many Yoga schools. These great teachers learnt Yoga traditionally with their masters or developed their own practice with lifetimes of immersed experience in a good traditional yoga environment, the wisdom flowing down in India since time immemorial. Modern people or certified teachers and schools also depend on these "uncertified" (from modern Yoga industry perspective) ancient authors or masters. Why? Because of their authenticity and original wisdom. In offering this ancient style of practice here in the modern world the learning allows for the flow of wisdom down through the lineage of the great teachers and into the practice of the student here and now in the Western world where it is dearly needed.

The Importance of Sanskrit in the learning of the Yogic Tradition

When we dig deeper, we find that all the authentic yoga traditions are based on very ancient scriptures which are written in the Sanskrit language, of which very few people in the west are able to read. Researchers at NASA realized that the Sanskrit language is the best and most unique language on this planet out of about 6000 languages and is best fit for computer programming. See
The first step on your yoga journey to discovering the wisdom of the ancient yogis is to accept an authentic Yoga teacher who has a genuine background with the endless source and treasure of authentic ancient Sanskrit Yoga wisdom so that you may be introduced to the same. The confidence and peace of these teachings combined with real Yoga wisdom brings the peace, clarity and such yoga wisdom becomes the solace till the last days of our life.

Acharya Aman a modern teacher of ancient Yogic philosophy from the lineage of the authentic teachers of Yoga

Born and raised in India and having more than 25 years experience in spirituality and yoga Aman has come to the West to share and teach what he has learned in his practice and create a new way of practicing, teaching, and passing on this ancient wisdom for a better life and a better world.

Aman possesses a Masters degree in Sanskrit with a major in Indian philosophy including Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhism and more. Yoga is one of the primary Indian philosophies and Acharya Aman is a Gold medalist in this philosophy from his homeland of India. Acharya Aman's students receive the benefit of being able to get connected with this reservoir of ancient wisdom from yoga through their teacher.

Acharya Aman has logged numerous years experience teaching in many countries around the world to international communities of students. His teaching began in India, from the world capital of Yoga, Rishikesh, at the Yoga Niketan Ashram on the banks of the Holy Ganges River. Here Aman taught Yoga lovers and Yoga teachers who came from all over the world to learn from him. After opening a centre in Japan, Aman's first book on Yoga was published there by one of the top 10 publisher in Japan.

Acharya Aman has developed a way of teaching to be more useful for global teaching. With his MBA qualification, he also helps his students to understand and balance the financial aspects of life also, by a Yogic way.

Your journey to endless ancient wisdom starts as soon as, you join YOGAJYOTI.

YOGAJYOTI is not only Yoga and meditation, it includes the study of the ancient wisdom on love and Vedic astrology from the ancient tradition. Learning this knowledge will make you teacher or counselor with a difference. A good Yoga and spiritual advisor should know them all.

YOGAJYOTI as Long Life investment

This learning is different because it is foundational and expansive in its breadth.

For example, if a student from a non English speaking country wishes to learn to speak English well then they would benefit most from finding a teacher who is authentically from and immersed in that language so that the student then learns the laws that underlay the language as well as the deeper aspect of application and the foundations of grammar, pronunciation, structure, verbs, backgrounds etc.

This type of a foundational education would serve the student their whole life during their English career and in each aspect of that.

Many Yoga teachers from the West go to India to learn from authentic Yoga teachers and then return to teach Yoga here in the West. Now you can go directly to the source, boosting your knowledge, understand and learning while not leaving your home area. The deeper ancient knowledge you learn will boost your confidence and ability as a teacher of Yoga and as a human.

Now you don't have to travel far away to receive an authentic yoga education

YOGAJYOTI has brought the gift of Yoga philosophy from the east to the west. All Yoga lovers in the west can't leave work for a long time, pack their luggage, and go to India to learn the ancient wisdom of Yoga. By the nature of learning from an authentic teacher you yourself become directly connected with the source. Confidence which comes from authenticity gives a boost to any career.

Because of the internet it is also possible that your students have a better understanding of yoga philosophy already. Therefore, it is wonderful to learn deep and authentic Yoga coming from real ancient wisdom to maintain a confusion and guilt free mind in front of your students, to inspire them, for a whole life.

YogaJyoti fits your unique needs

YOGAJYOTI understands that each student is unique, each with their own life history and learning style. Each student needs to be treated individually, without any judgment, as it used to be in ancient times.

How you can grow with YOGAJYOTI

In YOGAJYOTI, you will first be offered a special training course of 150 hours. In this course you will be taken through a special course on Yoga, Meditation, Vedic Astrology, Mantra, Tantra wisdom, and more. You will be taught specific techniques and tips of ancient wisdom to help yourself and humanity , and you will be provided a certificate upon completion.

We know that to make a science teacher or a music teacher, many years of practice is needed. In this way YOGAJYOTI brings a unique method to involve students practically into the experience of learning, working, and growing and to earn an income all at the same time. Students may begin to practice teach and earn even after just finishing the course. So YOGAJYOTI learning is a continuous and ongoing process where you will continue to grow and deepen your work and practice in the world. To create these results the methods will be taught by YOGAJYOTI.

YOGAJYOTI offers the opportunity of partnership, this partnership offer gives you the right to earn a 30% income share whenever a referral or result is brought to the work by you, this is available even while you are still a student and learning the wisdom yourself.

Some Yoga lovers in the west, have been enquiring into YOGAJYOTI's program already. Many have been on the search for a good Yoga and meditation teacher, who can introduce them to authentic Yoga. It is Acharya Aman's mission to spread his teachings of ancient yogic wisdom with the help of a dedicated team of yogis who are committed to self growth and to helping the world to move in a more positive and peaceful direction. As Aman himself can't physically be available at many places, the YOGAJYOTI teacher team is going to fulfill the needs of many yoga seekers and lovers alike.

YOGAJYOTI is looking for teachers to join with to create a beautiful future of yoga in the western world and help to take humanity to its real destination of mental/physical health and oneness.

In YOGAJYOTI, the wisdom and expression of a yoga teacher is more important than the location of the yoga studio or buildings. Wisdom will be with you wherever you go, however studios and locations we can not carry with us all the time. Acharya Aman himself is not excited to operate a Yoga studio, as he has already done this. His main aim now is to help his those students who have a dream, time and necessity to start and run studios. HIs aim is also to teach and nurture students until they can live, work and succeed anywhere on the planet in whatever lifestyle they want and the yoga teachings are with them always.

YOGAJYOTI Ancient Wisdom Teacher Training Certificate Course Curriculum
  • A series of the best Yoga poses (Asana) their sequence, techniques, corrections, timing, and benefits.
  • Pranayama (ancient breathing techniques) to transform your body and mind.
  • Aman Meditation: for mental and spiritual progress.
  • Mantra: Understand the mystery and power of universal sound to uplift your consciousness.
  • Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishads and many more (Ancient authentic Yoga books) to teach you how to live life with abundance.
  • Anatomy - How to do yoga poses carefully by protecting our body also
  • How this wisdom should be used in modern life and how to maintain & sustain life as a Yoga teacher/counselor.
Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

Why YOGAJYOTI includes basic Jyotish with Yoga

  • Yoga has a deep connection with Jyotish which the western world is not yet widely aware of. (Read the book "How to Become the Master of Destiny - A Spiritual Journey" by Acharya Aman. Aman rediscovered and re-established the lost connection between Yoga and Jyotish.
  • How to read and make your own and others Kundali (horoscope) and do basic Jyotish counseling to help others.
  • Learn how a person's name can be based on universal calculations to give it a good meaning. Learn why ancient people wore lucky stone's unique to their personal charts and needs. With this deep knowledge you will be able to help friends and clients with your ability and as well as be able to understand and provide them with Jyotish gems especially for what they wish to develop or balance in their lives. All gems come with appraisal from certified Canadian Gem laboratories.
  • Match making based on Jyotish knowledge

The purpose of teaching Jyotish is not to make people believe blindly in destiny - It is to teach people to choose their own Karma (thoughts and actions) with more awareness and thus creating a more empowered and conscious way of living in alignment.

Why YOGAJYOTI includes the ancient wisdom of love (Tantra) in the course

In the modern world in which we currently live, we have economic development, advanced education, and freedom (all of which people on earth long and desire for). Through these advancements we have expected that our results in love will also be good but the results don't seem very positive. Despite all of the advancements people are still searching for the love they long for. We need to look to the ancient wisdom of love, but first let's take a look at the present scenario more deeply.

As people in the modern world, especially women who have been judged differently from men due to the dominant male culture, cannot express their romantic interests to someone they desire. Many people today are not able to find their ideal partners whom they deserve. These days best matches are not made easily. Often times the prime years of human life, roughly age 16 to 30, pass by with confusion, feelings of guilt and a lack of understanding romantic relationship with one another. Instead of understanding these years are spent fantasizing about an ideal or perfect partner.

A safe, non-judgmental platform for the young to learn, express, experience and enjoy their natural right to love does not exist in today's world. Instead, young people develop a habit of hiding their natural feelings and desires to avoid being shamed or embarrassed. Through these conditions love becomes a most complicated issue rather than a spiritual matter.

Young people's capacity to have natural communication and connection with the other gender diminishes and is lost due to social pressures and judgement. Even today, many modern men also misunderstand the definition of consent, yes and no, in our so called civilized society. On the other hand, we see the film Fifty Shades of Gray became extremely popular. According to a survey conducted by North Texas University 62% out of 355 women reported that they enjoy to fantasize about having their desire for natural love be fulfilled by someone with a bit of force, these are an indication towards the suppressed desires of women.

When the young are neither allowed to express their honest natural feelings, nor have the society guarantee to avail them love as soon as they reach puberty but judges their morality for any natural expression or behaviour in love then the feelings to express natural love are instead replaced by those of confusion, perversion, misunderstandings, irritation and anger. Rather than positive connection it is these negative feelings that continue to grow and are fostered as young people come of age. Scientific research has found that fulfilled natural physical love desire in humans from the proper age influences their physical/ mental health, good memory,creativity, confidence, skin, and overall well being positively, and the opposite also occurs when it is not fulfilled. Today's civilized world is forcing humans to become good at unnatural things (mobile, computer, office work etc) and yet they are not allowed to express true feeling about natural things (sex,love etc).So, many mental illnesses are waiting at the threshold of our "advanced" world to enter into the modern humanity.

Little to no communication between parents and children regarding sexual health, love and relationship result in unwanted or underage pregnancy. As adults people become rigid, as young people we are open to learning and ideas, if we have positive sex and love education during these formative years. Today we find ourselves amidst a culture of adult toys, pornography viewing and addiction and negative comments against the opposite gender. These are the reactions to the complexity of love issues we face. More than 50% of marriages end in divorce, extra marital affairs and legal proceedings even in love marriages indicates that the human civilized society needs to grow in the matters of love now.

Ancient wisdom of love (Tantra Yoga) says that at the normal level, love is used to fulfill one's own desires first. When the expectations and desires for lovers are not fulfilled from the other partner those partners turn against each other. At a higher level of consciousness (Tantra) people come together for peace and awakening and do not wish any control of the other person. In the future many people will like to love someone in such a legitimate way, to meet and come together mainly for spiritual progress first and foremost, in addition this way supports sovereignty and keeps individuals legally safe. With this path to love, heartbreak will be minimized and understanding nurtured while growing together and meditating on love's purpose, love's reason.

The way of Tantra in love does not recommend neither marriage or no marriage. It is your choice. Although marriage and children were called a gift from god the use of marriage became more of a means for people to control the resources of the planet for the benefit of one's own family or children rather than the good of all. In this way of being there is no end to corruption, poverty, and inequality.

With Tantra we realize that, even with the union of the greatest lovers, we will die and separate from each other, sooner or later. Therefore the real purpose of life is to realize our SELF by love energy. With too much attachment, humans are unable to become awakened and help the greater humanity.

Part of this journey is to first learn not to judge anyone for their sexual identification, personal identification, respect the privacy of every person, we do not know anyone's circumstances in life.

In YOGAJYOTI course you will learn how to understand love from a spiritual point of view and develop compassion and gratitude in love. In Tantra wisdom, a woman is revered as Shakti (divine feminine energy). The history of Khajuraho temples and Yoni worship in India are evidence of such ancient wisdom.

Until there is no longer any suppression, misunderstandings, bitterness, anger, violence or legal issues in love matters, we should not call human society civilized or educated. In the future, developed human beings will come to mutual agreement, where they will enjoy one another's love without hurting anyone and without getting hurt. No more legal issues or complaints in love. Such developed being will find that path through the learning of ancient wisdom from Acharya Aman, here to spread the teachings of love and a new vision for a more loving future together - removing the blocks to love energy.

(Try an ancient love wisdom consultation -
Having troubles in Love? Want a deeper more fulfilling relationship with your partner? Ready to attract love into your life? YOGAJYOTI offers individualized consultations!
Even if you don't join our ancient wisdom course, you may still receive the benefit of a consultation with YOGAJYOTI. Humans invest a lot of time and money to acquire homes, cars, and posessions today while not considering the need for love advice and wisdom in life. So often, love energy becomes a blockage, which becomes an obstacle for our creativity or awakening. Just three consultations at 90 minutes each can change your love life pattern totally. Consultations are 100% confidential )

Course Requirements

  1. Be in good physical health
  2. Must be 19 years of age or older and be able to provide a copy of Government issued photo identification with your date of birth
  3. Prior experience with yoga practices, physical exercises and or spiritual training is preferred
  4. Private confidential interview with Acharya Aman or other appointed person
  5. Obtain a criminal record check from your local police department
  6. Have knowledge of English language

YOGAJYOTI Ancient Wisdom Teacher Training Course $ 3000

YOGAJYOTI gives option to the students to pay any PAYMENT via a scheduled interest-free payment plan (interest free). This payment plan must be made with advance, written permission from the Company. The Student should agree to fill out all documents required for direct deposit or recurring payments.

  • 150 Hours Instruction and Practicum with Certificate
  • Continuous Opportunities to Practicum
  • Study material ( Material is designed by Acharya Aman with 25 years experience with authentic scriptures, to keep important wisdom on your tips )
  • Extra books are also gifted to students time to time
CAD $3000

YOGAJYOTI Life Time Partnership Fee (Optional) $ 7000 (Introductory price offer)

Those students who take YOGAJYOTI partnership start enjoying the right to get a 30% share from the course fee and partnership fee of YOGAJYOTI, whenever any new student joins YOGAJYOTI, inspired by them.

Guidance in this regard, will be provided by YOGAJYOTI. Even if YOGAJYOTI teachers don't want to open a Yoga studio, still they continue to earn their investment back while enjoying freelance work and continue to learn. YOGAJYOTI students can also be promoted to partnership free, if they create certain results while working with YOGAJYOTI.

Partial or Full Scholarship May be Available

There can be 25%, 50%. 75%, 100% scholarships available according to an individuals situation and need. Please write in and prove with documentation why you need a Scholarship. Include a letter that communicates why you like to study Yoga and what is your plan with Yoga. YOGAJYOTI wants to create a new world where nobody goes without Yoga because of financial issues. Volunteer work may also be available to accepted students.

Time , Date and Place

Time for course classes are;

Saturday & Sunday 10 to 5 PM (with tea, lunch breaks etc)
Weekdays (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) 6 to 8:30 PM
Monday and Tuesday off.

(This will finish your course within about one and half month)
If in some emergency, you miss some classes, we can try to cover your contents somehow, by putting you in some next course, without extra fee or by personal guidance).

There will be few courses offered each year.

Location is East 15th Avenue, Vancouver.
(Place is being ready. Full address soon to be declared)
Send us an email to remain updated:

What to bring at Yoga class?
  • A note book
  • Yoga mat,
  • Water bottle,
  • A small towel.
    (Yoga asanas part of the course is neither very soft, nor very hard )
Why YOGAJYOTI course and Partnership is the Best Investment in Life?

  • Access to authentic ancient wisdom from an authentic teacher.
  • Certification.
  • Regular Mentorship that continues even after completion of the course.
  • Be your own Boss
  • When you continue to inspire and share YOGAJYOTI you receive a large profit share - from 30% onwards with YOGAJYOTI (To achieve this goal, training and opportunities may be provided by YOGAJYOTI).
  • A contract between student and teacher to protect the rights of both and to run the work efficiently into the future.
  • Freelance work hours.
  • Possibility to be a teacher in future YOGAJYOTI teacher training courses.
  • Free listing in YOGAJYOTI membership directory.
  • Get priority to work as a yoga teacher and counselor in YOGAJYOTI yoga studio and office (If it becomes necessary for us to open an office in Vancouver or anywhere)
  • Graduates of the course are entitled to attend future courses taught outside Canada (for example, in Rishikesh, where Aman originated or in Japan where Aman taught from his centre and lived previously) on a retreat or workshop format in the future for no fee (travel and other expenses not included)

Common Myths or Fears about Yoga

Is Yoga a religion?:

No. You are free to believe and follow any path. Some people believe that Yoga is part of Hinduism. Hinduism and India, both words originated from "Indus" (originally the name came from the "Sindhu" river and people living on the other side of the Sindhu river were called Indus (Hindus). So this name was not given to Hindus by themselves. They were a valley civilization where thousands of types of wisdom, philosophies, and ideas continued to flourish since time immemorial. Even atheists (charwaks etc) were there in this time. All types of ideas were openly discussed and accepted or rejected.

In religion, you have to believe everything without raising any questions, in philosophy everything is open to discussion, questions, doubt and self enquiry. Yoga is an Indian philosophy.

Sometimes people who think they are not a member of any religion are subconsciously actually a member of a religion, perhaps even the religion of "materialism", where money is treated like God. Stress, loneliness, and mental and physical health issues are continuing to grow in the civilized world with the current belief systems and religious doctrines in place.

I am not flexible or I am overweight:

Yoga includes less than 10% physical aspects. You don't need to have a very flexible body to join this course. All Yoga practitioners are welcome. Beginners are welcome to join the course and only need to listen to the teacher's instructions carefully as well as to learn to understand your own body capacity. Yoga class is not a competition ground where someone may fail because of not doing a pose. No one ever fails in Yoga. Some people with less flexible bodies can be very good meditation teachers or counselors.

Is Acharya Aman a Guru?:

You are free to call the teacher by his first name "Aman". He is not offended. Literally, the Sanskrit word Guru, means 'who takes us from darkness of ignorance to the light of wisdom'

Why do we hear in yoga, a culture exists to respect Guru so much?

In the west, it can be considered a strange idea. Let us see an example. You must have seen or experienced that people are educated today and that they also know that they have to take care of their own health, yet still if someone is not there regularly to inspire them, many don't think about their health regularly nor take responsibility for it, although it is for their own personal benefit. Therefore, we can see even many educated people with health issues today. Only with regular inspiration from some living teacher do people start working on something practically and regularly. Even books in libraries, without a teacher, also don't necessarily help much. Yoga and Spirituality is a far deeper subject. Its call for inspiration from a teacher. Humans have smarts in a certain subject, but not in every subject. We need a person to inspire us in each field if we wish to grow and become masterful in that subject. In ancient time, there was no official contract between a student and a teacher to respect a Guru. It was a gratitude which people dedicated to yoga and spiritual teachers when their life was changed by that teacher's teachings.

Acharya Aman promises to awaken your inner Guru. When your future students give you of their gratitude and respect then you will begin to understand this particular exchange of gratitude.

How is Acharya Aman able to know my issues and how to help me when he was born in another culture?

Humans grow when they come out of their comfort zone. Often success and new ideas exist in that place where you have not been searching for it. If it was true that each educated person was going to be equally happy or equally successful then only a very few would go out of their fear zone to try something new and good.

The Ancient wisdom of Yoga is from the east, much of the wisdom from the east is now proven scientifically to solve many issues in which the west suffers. Similarly, YOGAJYOTI has brought more wisdom from the east which can help to solve many modern age mental, spiritual, and love issues.

Acharya Aman's experiences in Japan have brought him realize that even after going through many ups and downs in history, Japan developed a culture of health, cleanliness, safety, technology, honesty, time values, and humbleness of which so many developed countries are still struggling to reach. Acharya Aman brings the beauty of these many good experiences from around the world into his teachings.

The world is becoming one and people who are attaining a wider outlook will grow more. Learn the good, no matter where it comes from. Life is very short. The biggest risk with life is not to try something new, good, and different.

How can I get Insurance as a Yoga teacher?

There is a fear among new yoga aspirants that if they don't get a Yoga certification from this or that organization, they will not be eligible to get insurance for their yoga teaching or they can't attain cheap insurance.

YOGAJYOTI teachers are eligible to get their good price insurance. Contact YOGAJYOTI for any questions on this matter.

Collaborate with YOGAJYOTI

Why opening YOGAJYOTI studio/Centre in your area/city will transform Your Life?

We know that many of our jobs, and places of work and business today don't allow us to get the time we need to concentrate on the overall health of our body, mind and soul. This aspects are sadly amiss from most places of work.

Researchers have made a list of the diseases of modern civilization such as stress, obesity, and heart disease which are growing day by day. In a modern capitalistic world, on one side you have many people who may be earning money by working hard, while on the other hand they are losing their connection with their body, mind and soul. Only to realize later on that instead of making life blissful, they have lost much more in their life which even money can't later recover easily.

Ancient wisdom like Yoga and meditation are becoming the solution for many physical and mental problems of the modern civilized world. Opening a yoga and meditation centre or studio with the guidance offered by YOGAJYOTI and its programs of authentic yoga and meditation classes can be a great investment especially in a modern world and for all of our future generations. Learning and teaching YOGAJYOTI wisdom gives a meaning to your own life and it attracts the similar minded peaceful people to you, from around your community as well. Bringing together those who wish to maintain a peaceful life.

YOGAJYOTI offers special financial benefits for those who run YOGAJYOTI studios or centres. The training may return your investment back soon, create steady income while you continue to get enough time to work on your body, mind and soul and contribute to humanity as well.

Contact YOGAJYOTI to join and learn more about the rules and conditions. Such as area rights and contract details for the opening of studios or centres within your area.

YOGAJYOTI is seeking great souls to help carry the message of this work into the world where it may help the most people. YOGAJYOTI looks forward to meeting you.

Contact for any questions.

Acharya Aman Profile

Yogi since childhood from India. A talented international Author *MA.(Sanskrit with major in Indian Philosophy. Yoga is one of the many Indian philosophies. All Yoga scriptures are written in Sanskrit language) Gold medalist, 1994, Punjab University. Chandigarh, India, MBA (Marketing) *First book (379 pages) published in Japan, by a Japanese publisher. The first person in the modern world, who discovered and established the lost connection of ancient wisdom of Yoga with Jyotish ( Vedic Astrology) and brought it forward in understandable language in published form in main world languages ( Japanese, English and Hindi) for the benefit of present and future humanity in book " How to become the Master of Destiny". *Speaker *Love Guru *Counselor *Regular Episodes on Yoga, Meditation & Gita etc Joy TV, Canada *Joined Yoga Vedanta course, Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, India* Teaching experience in Yoga Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India *10 years in Tokyo teaching Yoga and Jyotish Teacher Training Courses *His book/s are available in Canadian public libraries like Metrotown, Burnaby etc. *From busy & successful life of Tokyo, he decided to settle down in beautiful yoga city of Vancouver, since he loved the natural beauty here. He was given permanent immigration in Canada, based on his books and qualification. He would like to live here forever and run his activities in the world. He offers courses to those who love to learn ancient wisdom to fulfill their journey on planet earth with peace, love and awakening. Contact -

More about Acharya Aman