Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

Jyotish is Vedic method of study of "light" of seven planets of universe and seven Chakras in human body and how they correspond with each other to make human Destiny, based on past Karmas.

Ancient masters found that this whole universe is fully conscious and alive, just like an ocean of energy or consciousness. As if you throw a stone into a stand still water, it creates ripples and those ripples again come back to the same source from where they were started, similarly, whatever all humans are doing or thinking (good or bad) physically and mentally on this earth creates a subtle vibration in the whole universe and that subtle vibration influences the whole universe and planets(Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn-Rahu-Ketu )and then come back to the same source (soul), from where, that was started. When vibration of our thoughts and actions go to universe and planets, it is called Karm (Karma) and when it comes back, it is called Bhagya (Destiny).

Jyotish Kundali is the way to assess your destiny. It offers the methods to improve your Destiny also. Find out your weak planets and improve them to improve your destiny.

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